A brief blast of summer colours

In the spirit of finishing work in progress before starting anything new I’ve managed my first quilt finish of the year. I started this last summer, which is a little embarassing considering the time lag, but as last year’s crop of newborns required cot quilts I finished those first. This year’s crop are just going to have to wait until I finish a few things as I realised that although this is my eigth quilt, I’ve haven’t made anything for myself yet. So here we are with a simple coin quilt made with one and a half charm packs of Lila Tueller’s Santorini range and some sashing in Bella Solids…ah taupe/latte/greige – I didn’t catch the name of the sashing. The quilting is my first attempt at ‘organic straight line quilting’ which is apparently modern quilting parlance for ‘wonky and what of it?’ The backing is Wisteria from the same range and the binding is Olives also from Santorini. I love this line, in fact in the course of the stash sort-out it turns out I like Lila Tueller’s designs a lot. You may well be seeing rather more of them as the year goes on. It’s cleared some space in one of the baskets of stuff, but I still have plenty left over, do you think a matching pillow or two would be too much?

Finally got round to taking pictures of the tea-dipped fabric in some better light. I’m really happy with how this experiment turned out, it’s much more in keeping now with the rest of our stuff. It only took half an hour to turn it into this large and comfy ‘flange’ pillow. Doesn’t ‘flange’ pillow sound vaguely medical? The term comes from a pattern in an american sewing book, I think I prefer our rather more stately ‘Oxford’ pillow instead. Whatever you care to call it, it’s been well-received. In fact it took some persuading to prise it out from under Barbary Boy’s behind to iron and snap pictures of. It was really worth the tinkering with the fabric, I won’t be so quick to the ‘nah, chuck’ option again.

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3 thoughts on “A brief blast of summer colours

  1. I adore those colour cominations in your quilt – that grey makes a wonderful foil for the pinks. Very ‘in’ at the moment too, or so they tell me.

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