Hanging on in there

Morning! I am still here, honestly. One of the challenges I set myself for the year was to try and blog twice a week. It’s proving to be tricky. Not that I couldn’t ramble on twice a week, I could easily give you a daily wittering with weekend matinee if it were required; no it’s getting nice piccies sorted in this dreary winter light that’s the problem. I realise when I’m reading a blog that I always go back to ones with the best photos. If anyone has any tips for taking good snaps in dull grey weather I’d love to hear them. So I apologise for the muddy/indoor light on most of my pictures, I am trying!

This week is all about work in progress (WIPS).

Marmalade first, one batch down, at least one more to go. That gooey pale orange stuff in the photo is pectin, a substance released by the pith and seeds of the oranges as they’re boiled. I’ve heard lots of would-be marmalade makers ask whether they need to buy jam sugar to help their marmalade set. Don’t do it! Jam sugar is normal granulated sugar with added pectin to help achieve a good set without having to boil your preserve indefinitely. The pectin released by the oranges themselves should be more than sufficient to achieve a good set for your marmalade, if you go down the jam sugar route you may end up having to slice the finished preserve.

Next up; working my way through the ah, lesser highlights of the fabric stash. I bought this remnant for about £1 in a sale last year. I thought at the time it was a bit chintzy for my tastes, but I was sure I could turn it into something pretty for Miss Marmoset. The colours on this photo aren’t really true (*shakes fist at January light again*), but it says something about its chintziness that Miss Marmoset didn’t like it either. Rather than give up on it I decided to have a go at aging it a little. Hence the mop bucket full of tea. Usually when Miss Marmoset is putting us through one her ‘you snooze, you lose’ weeks I’d be tempted to give it a slug of semi-skim and dive right in. This time however, I put the fabric in, stirred it around, allowed it to cool and…well I’m rather charmed with the results. I think I’ll wait until they’re cushion covers and can be better photographed to show the success of the experiment.

Lastly I have finally got to pinning out this coin quilt and quilting has commenced. One day we’ll live in a house that doesn’t require me to pin out quilts on a carpeted floor, unpick quilt from carpet, then pin out again. Sore fingers now, but I think it’ll be worth it.

End of January is in sight woo!

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One thought on “Hanging on in there

  1. I’m not really qualified to answer your lighting question but I’ve tried variously: 1) a light therapy lamp (big, round and bright, almost like the sun…), 2) anglepoise lamps, 3) rushing to take pics in the 5 minutes that the sun does appear – albeit weakly – from behind a cloud, 4) going outside, even if it seems a dull day, 5) using a tripod or other support so that you can make the most of the light you have, and 5) cheating – for instance, yesterday I posted a picture taken this time last year. Somewhere out there on the internet there’s a free how-to for creating a little lighting box: useful if you’re taking pictures of items to sell online, for instance. Anyway, do keep trying!

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