Can you feel it?

Not sure I can yet. I started this quilt top at the end of last year, yes right when I’d decided to down tools and take a quilting break, I missed it and started running this quilt together. I’m wishing I’d made myself wait though now as I’m just not, ‘feeling’ this quilt. It’s made out of an American Jane ‘Recess’ layer cake and run up in a disappearing nine patch pattern. I love American Jane, I love disappearing nine patches, what could possibly go wrong? Technically I suppose nothing really has gone wrong, but I don’t know, I wish I’d waited and thought of something different for this. Its intended purpose is to be a living room quilt, for sofa snuggling purposes, possibly occasional picnic blanket duty, I think it will do those jobs fine. Last night saw me arranging blocks on the living room floor and hopping on and off the sofa with the camera hoping each time I’d see an arrangement that was in my head sometime in early December. Actually when I consider the amount of virus and snot that was in my head in early December, it may account for the bleh, blah way this quilt is shaping up. Anyway my plan is to hand quilt it with some of these…

aah yes, thread. Rapidly shaping up to be the dry-roasted peanuts of this whole fabric diet thing.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “Can you feel it?

  1. Thank you! I must admit this quilt is still a small pile of forlorn looking blocks. Must get round to zipping it together! x

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