The big fabric diet

I think I may have mentioned the New Year diet I’m attempting this year. It’s not about food, in fact that may be the one thing to be grateful to an autumn of non-stop lurgies, I got to Christmas in need of replacing a few pounds. It’s about fabric. Clearly.

I seem to have spent the last few years in denial about my fabric stash. ‘I don’t have a big fabric stash’ I’d say breezily, ‘it’s all neatly contained’. It was only when I needed to find something over the Christmas period and had to rummage for it that I realised just how big my fabric stash had become, not to mention how unconnected, uncoordinated and all over the place it is too. So it turns out that I do in fact have a pretty sizeable stash, and an extraordinarily accommodating if not very big chest of drawers housing it all (oh alright, and the two laundry baskets, and the scrap bag downstairs). So a sort-out was required, I set to the chest with vigour and couldn’t believe how much stuff was in there. In fact by the time I’d turned out drawer number two I was starting to wonder if I’d find a portal to Narnia in number three. Some of the fabric that turned up was like greeting long-lost friends, some of it like bumping into old boyfriends (‘whatever did I see in you’?!). All of it however, can be put to use. I’m on a fabric diet, as of now (now I’ve bought a couple of bits from the sales that is).


So here are my aims and caveats:

1) This year I will finish off my WIPS first before starting anything else.

2) I will make scrap quilts and get properly stuck into reducing the stash. Like this lovely brick pattern quilt in my new diary,


 or this gorgeous pieced border quilt.

3) The only new fabric I’m allowed to buy will be for quilt backs and bindings.

4) I will stop being chicken about fabric combinations and start experimenting a bit more, putting together fabrics from different ranges. Had no idea I had this amount of purple or mint, don’t they go well together?


5) Hopefully by this time next year, I will have reduced the stash by enough to need to do some shopping.

So I can’t pretend this is going to be easy, particularly at sale time, so I’ve joined a flickr group of like-minded individuals, who all want to trim their fabric and yarn stashes for a bit of support.

I think this is going to be fun *dashes off to bury credit card in the garden*.

Hope all your resolutions are going well.

Thanks for reading,



One thought on “The big fabric diet

  1. Maybe is grown for me to say it, but I understand you 100%. I have not only lots of fabrics but also lots and lots of yarn and quite a few unfinished projects (and books!). Have fun rediscovering fabrics that you had forgotten you had and mixing them with other even when they are from different collection or even designer.

    Some of my customers agree that they love their quilts and projects made all with the same collections and palette, but a few of them confess that their favourite projects are done with fabrics that they but themselves together, and I think this is great. Because you end up with, lets say a quilt, for example, that is not only hand made, but also you have taken the time to choose colours and patterns, a truely unique piece!


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