The patter of tiny little feet…



Not me, NOT ME, I should make clear for anyone who actually knows me and might be considering the amount of boozage I merrily knocked back over Christmas. The most wonderful gift arrived for our entire family on Boxing Day: one perfect little niece, Milly Jane. We haven’t been up to the Midlands as yet to meet her, but are hoping to very soon. What could be better than a sweet littley to cuddle and coo over? Especially a littley that has the excellent sense to avoid gatecrashing her Auntie’s birthday by a whole day?! Congratulations to David and Julie a gorgeous addition to the family, can’t wait to give her a huggle*!

I hope she enjoys the little package that’s headed her way. I’ve never succesfully made the bootees before, they were a bit fiddly and a reminder that I’m a happy quilter, not garment maker!

Naturally a pretty girlie quilt is being plotted already…!

Thanks for reading,

*copyright Miss Marmoset 2009.

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