Welcome welcome 2011



Aaaaaand we’re back in the room. Very late Happy New Year to one and all. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We had a magical time this Christmas. The monkeys are of an age where they really, really believe in Father Christmas. They’re also blessedly too young to be asking for hugely expensive pressies. They were enchanted with their zoo animals and skateboard (Barbary Boy), Jessie the Cowgirl and Bullseye and doctor’s set (Miss Marmoset). Their excitement was infectious I think it might’ve been the first Christmas in a very long time where I couldn’t sleep for excitement too!

Despite claiming to be exhausted and fed up of everything a mere matter of weeks ago, I’m having my traditional burst of January energy. It involves major changes to lifestyle and a diet. Pretty much like everyone else really except that I don’t want to lose any weight and don’t drink very much or smoke at all.

The lifestyle changes revolve around cleaning – yes this welcome to the New Year post is about housework and an early contender for ‘dullest blog post of 2011’. The picture below is my cupboard of cleaning stuff, note the baffling amount of bottles and sprays there, not to mention the bowing shelf. There’s is too much unnecessary gunk in there and when I cleaned it out the other day (absolutley NO WAY would I have let the world see it pre-clean) I was amazed by how much toxic crap was under my sink. Three different carpet cleaners, oven cleaner, bleach, mould and mildew remover (thanks to damp in back wall), three different washing powders, fabric conditioner, kitchen spray, bathroom spray, furniture polish. It went on and on. Prompted by reading about connections between household cleaning and allergies plus having two asthmatics and a hayfever sufferer in the family, I’ve decided to run down my chemical stocks and start cleaning with Bicarb, White Vinegar, lemon, salt and a couple of essential oils. I’ve been trialling this approach in our bathroom for the last few weeks; ever since the day Barbary Boy got busy with the Cif, and been impressed with how well it works. If I can save some cash, free up some space and tread a little lighter on the planet it’s worth a go. These three books have been brilliant inspiration to make some necessary changes, Housework Blues, Natural Stain Remover and Green Cleaning. I’m a rubbish housekeeper and I promise not to write about cleaning again but I’d love to get a grip of the housework this year.

What New Year Resolutions have you made?

Thanks for reading.

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