A sign-off to 2010

This last week has been a lesson in never committing to blog things you're hoping for. For example, I may have expressed a wish not long ago to get a few things done in time for Christmas. I may have mentioned a desire 'for good monkey health and fair weather'. It's at this point I should've loaded up a two bore and taken aim at my toes. Poor Miss Marmoset has had a shocker of a week, it took four days to get her temperature under 40C, coughing, sick, whimpering, only sleeping for three broken hours a night etc etc. Still at least we got her seen by the out of hours doctors before the snow arrived. Lots of it, big fat livestock sized clumps falling from the sky. In a way it's sad, this is the first year that the lovely Kiwi has got fed up of snow. Being brought up on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand's South Island, he's no stranger to cold weather, but actual on the ground snow was a novelty for him when he first moved here. It's only in the last few years that it seems to have made at least one appearance every winter and now he's over it. I find it a bit sad really, I loved teasing him about his excitement, I imagine this is how it'll feel when the children don't believe in Father Christmas anymore. In future of course I'll never make any mention of either health or weather matters. I clearly have a lot more negative energy than I realised.
Anyhow, Miss Marmoset rallied bravely, her antibiotics kicked in and temperature returned to normal. School broke up and finally the opportunity to finish my last little quilt of the year arrived. It's only 35" by 35" but that should be a good blanket/playmat size. The front is a nine-patch made from an Moda Odyssea charm pack. The backing is blue gingham and bound with a chocolate cotton. I quilted it with a wiggly line as written about on the Fat Quarterly blog. By the way, if you're a quilter and you haven't read Fat Quarterly yet, I thoroughly recommend it. It's an ezine that gets emailed to you once you've paid for it. I love the fresh, modern projects and the fact that it's great reference material that doesn't take up space in my already cramped quarters. I hope that newby baby Joe enjoys his little quilt, as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Posterous tells me that nearly there have been 1900 views since I started writing a few months ago. Hopefully, that isn't all my Mum. Please do say hello and leave a comment, especially if you also have a blog, I'd love to know you all better!
I'll sign off for 2010 now so I'll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in January – my very best wishes of the season to you.
Thanks for reading,


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