The Never Ending Story

Remember Limahl, little fella, funny hair, not Richard Hammond? I had his 80s classic pounding round my head today. I have started the big pre-Christmas clear up. Where I essentially get three boxes of Christmas decs down from the loft and put six boxes of detritus in their place. In the course of the sort out I found this work in progress. I must’ve started this about ten years ago. I had treated myself to a book of quilt designs, blissfully unaware that they were rotary cutting designs; then convinced I could recreate them with paper-piecing. To be fair, you can recreate them in paper-piecing but what started as a labour of love turned into a labour of sort of liking, then annoyance then total indifference. That’s when it was folded up and squirreled away until a few weeks ago when I found it during a stash reordering session.  So what to do with it now? I have plenty of blocks left in various states of completion but I’m lacking the will to finish it. My taste in quilts has changed since this was started, this isn’t the kind of thing I’d want to make anymore. Normally I love hand piecing, but I’m feeling a bit defeated by this quilt. It’s already been 10 years in the making and looks like it will remain- the never ending storeeeeeeee-ahhahhhaahh

Showing swifter progress is this little quilt being put together for a friends new baby boy. The top went together in a day, I’m planning to back with a blue gingham and bind with a chocolate brown cotton. I’d really like to get this done as a Christmas pressie so am hoping for good monkey health and fair weather in the last week of term. Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and the cold isn’t biting your toes too hard.

Thanks for reading,


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