‘Tis the season


I love this time of year, love it, love it. After a dirge of an autumn, which I will dwell on no longer or have to change the name of this blog, I'm even more up for Christmas than ever. I think the early snow has brought it into clearer focus than usual, it's also brought the monkeys into clearer focus than usual due to the closure of schools and nursery for a few days. It's been mainly fun but I think we'll all be glad for a return to the usual routine next week. Not least because the house is in a shocking state with us all being cooped up in it and I always feel the need of a good pre-Christmas clear-out before pine needles and random bits of neon plastic threaten to take over entirely.
There has been a bit of sewing, some nice little bits and pieces. It's always good after completion of a quilt to do some little projects, I think of them as palate cleansers before starting another quilt. So, this week, inspired by Scrapiana's lovely blog, I tackled these little woolly tree decorations. The wool is a very hot-washed and tumble-dried cardigan picked up in a charity shop earlier this year; the buttons have come from various shirts picked apart over the years; a little bit of Christmas ribbon and some blanket-stitching with perle cotton. They're stuffed with some lavender I had knocking around, although I quite fancy bashing up some festive smelling pot-pourri next time for an extra-Christmassy touch. I knew they were a success when Miss Marmoset snaffled them up early in the week. It took three days for them to turn up unscathed behind the armchair (one of her favourite hidey-places). The tree and decs won't actually go up until next weekend when the monkeys and their Mum may well be beside themselves and incoherent with Christmas excitement. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all!
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