Climbing out of a grungy hole

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I've been a bit poorly, with nothing more dramatic than a cold. Just a really nasty gunky, painful, sicky now coughy head cold. Probably not a surprise, the last few months have been low on items of genuine note but high on crapola. The bad backs, endlessly poorly children, lovely Kiwi nearly breaking a shoulder and being rendered almost prostrate with it…bleurghh, grrr, harrumph etc. We're all a bit a run-down. But still! Having to stay indoors has at least meant I've got some sewing done and I'm really pleased to have finished this quilt, which I started back in August. I thought I'd get it finished quite quickly but then ended up picking it apart and starting again half-way through as the original idea just wasn't working. So now it's finished and I hope it's intended recipient enjoys snuggling under it! I'm particularly happy with the pieced backing, not something I normally do, but as this is a commission (thanks Mum!) I didn't want to have to buy a few more yards of fabric to add to the cost.
Here's some piccies with apologies for the dreadful murky light, I think good photo light may have deserted these shores for the next few months. Hope you're all enjoying the snow.
Thanks for reading,


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