Sick days

This morning Barbary Boy announced he was far too poorly to go to school, and given that Miss Marmoset has continued to battle with a cough and asthma for the last couple of weeks I gave him the benefit of the doubt and called him in sick to school. Cue an immediate Lazarus-like recovery and a whole day to fill with one (admittedly slightly pale and peaky looking) but increasingly bored 5 year-old.
What to do? I decided to be brave and ignore the telly…at least for a bit, as a sop to my conscience if nothing else, and headed out to the recycling box in the shed. It might seem an unlikely source of inspiration but both the monkeys fell in love with making 'rubbish rockets' in the summer months. I present them with the cardboard recycling box, some scotch tape with dispenser and some not too sharp scissors and voila, a source of occupation whilst I weed. This time I was more ambitious – we went for castle building instead. With fire on, carpet picnic, and the Shrek 2 soundtrack playing BB saved the princess from the dreadful dragon 3 times. We never did establish the Were-rabbit's place in the narrative, but when Miss Marmoset came in from nursery she pleaded for her own pink castle and swiped her princess back. BB decided his was the boys Castle of Doom and princesses had no place in it. So as you can see MM has her pink castle complete with pink silk moat (we'd run out boxes to make circling walls), King Tickle and his Queen (clearly a love that admits of no impediments) and their Princess daughter about to take a dip in the moat. It kept them occupied for, oooh, a while at least and that's all I feel I can ask of masking tape and rubbish really.
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2 thoughts on “Sick days

  1. That’s a lovely way to while away an afternoon. My older two are big fans of junk modelling, and judging by the way she was brandishing an empty baking paper roll today, I think the baby sister is going to follow suit. Hope your little ones are better soon – this time of year always seems such a slog!

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