Sunday night snippet:so near yet so far…


Barbary Boy has taken to getting himself dressed every morning, which at 5 you might think was about time too. However this can lead to pandemonium on school mornings when he has to be hustled out of Spongebob t-shirts and into school uniform. Weekends we let it all hang out though…within reason, as you can see from the picture below we're nearly, almost there, but I love the expression which clearly says, 'I'm rocking this inside-out jeans thing, you are far too old to understand'. Have a suspicion that if we roll things forward ten years, inside-out jeans as a look will seem the height of sartorial elegance.
Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Sunday night snippet:so near yet so far…

  1. Love it! My boys used to have a book called ‘What’s Wrong, Tom?’ all about similar dressing mishaps (shoes on wrong feet etc). Can’t remember the author, but maybe google for it. I’ll be looking out for inside-out jeans on the catwalk any day now. 😉

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