Miss Marmoset gets a skirt.

You've probably gathered by now that quilts are my sewing passion. I love the process, the design, the fabric choosing, the cutting (mostly), piecing, backing, quilting and binding. As you can see by that list however it is quite a long process and sometimes I need to see something come together quickly. A morning's work rather than a couple of months of heaving out a quilt and clearing the table when the monkeys are asleep.
Clothes aren't usually my thing. They're tricky, very tricky, and although I have had a go at making a nightie before, I've never tried to make anything that my children might wear out of the house. That being said, I bought this book a while ago and there are quite a few projects in it that I'm keen to have a crack at. This gypsy skirt (below) being one of them. I think it would've been better to use a different fabric than the denim I bought to make bags out of (no sniggering at the back – I'm a beginner). It hasn't exactly made the skirt drape very well. In fact it's really quite sticky-outy in a mini-crini sort of way that fortunately Miss Marmoset is still young enough to think that all skirts should be. Miss M was allowed to choose the fabric for the yo-yo flowers from my scraps bag. Unsurprisingly she chose pink but I think it lifts the black denim a bit and she's touchingly thrilled with it. So much so that I think I should try again with some different fabric, what do you think, maybe a nice lightweight corduroy?
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