Why do holidays never go as planned?

I'm sure we're not alone in this. You look forward to a break from the routine, no school, no nursery, no 'brush your teeth/hair – with the appropriate brushes' mornings. No, just relaxed starts to the day planning what fun we might have. My wonderful parents had even booked a cabin at Center Parcs for the four of us plus my brother and his lovely (and very pregnant) partner. I had been assured that the Kiwi and I would have a really good break if we were prepared to let the other four adults takeover for a bit. Sounds marvellous doesn't it? I had visions of gentle swims, strolls in the woods and someone else answering the monkeys baby questions. Miss Marmoset is baffled by how the baby got into Auntie Julie's tummy, Barbary Boy more concerned by how it will get out. I haven't prepared answers for these kind of questions yet, so I was hoping somebody else had.
Anyhow, both the monkeys came down with a very nasty flu bug a few days before we were due to leave, and although they had rallied tolerably well by the time we left (see what to a spur to health it is when children are promised less time spent with their parents?!) they were still a bit sickly by the time of our arrival. Center Parcs is well worth a trip if you have children, there is so much for them to do. Even the wildlife pottering up to the patio doors for snacks is entertainment. Both the children perked up a lot after arrival and we assumed that they were feeling much better, enough even for Barbary Boy to go swimming. Sadly by 11.30 that night Barbary Boy had woken up screaming with pain, which is completely out of character, by midnight we'd made the decision to take him to A&E in Bury St Edmunds. By the time of our arrival he'd perked up enormously and was enjoying his adventure, making Kiwi and I think we'd been totally had. The incredibly sweet (and young, when did the doctors start looking so young?) doctor assured us though that he could definitely see an ear infection and that in his opinion the ear drum had perforated and drained whilst in the car, accounting for the pain and subsequent joy in young Barbary. Ouch! A course of antibiotics was prescribed and young BB was soon back to himself. Aren't children amazing? They rally so fast, but really it would be great to go away and not have this sort of thing happen. Still we did have a good holiday, thanks mainly to the company and the really well chosen location. One trip to A&E? That's a good holiday in our estimation. Getting through only one bottle of Calpol is an excellent holiday, requiring no medical assistance or medication? That's other people's holidays…still, maybe one day!
Thanks again to Mum, Dad, David and Julie for a lovely break, hope we didn't rain on your parade too much.
Thanks for reading.


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