Never cold shoulder a bad back…



Ironically enough it can lead to a frozen neck. I’m not usually one to apportion blame (much), but this week I’m in A LOT of pain and it’s all, or mainly all, Miss Marmoset’s fault. Specifically her insistence on still being carried about a lot. It’s not of course her fault that I a) give in to the moaning or b) then carry her very badly and on one hip. This has lead to what the osteo technically described as a ‘ruddy good kink’ in my upper spine and a ‘really good effort’ of a frozen and oddly angled neck. I’m walking so awkwardly at the moment I’m making my 92-year-old Nan look like a shoo-in for the finals of Strictly Come Dancing. It’s a scary insight into just how painful a bad back can be and I’m not taking it for granted anymore. The lovely Kiwi is taking the strain at the school/nursery runs and has been making lunches and cups of tea. I’m lounging on the sofa with a bajillion cushions holding my head and neck up and guiltily letting the monkeys have plenty of telly and films as I can’t do anything else.

It’s a shame though, I had this week down as being a big sewing week, I have the two quilt tops (above) all run up and ready for backing and quilting. I’m happy with both of them and really want them finished now.

Next week – maybe, when I can turn my head without crying.

Thanks for reading,

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