Lost: One Family-sized Mojo

Just recently a sleepy cloud has enveloped this family. It's like the scene in The Wizard of Oz where they're all trying to cross the poppy field but can't summon up the energy and can't be bothered anymore. That's exactly how we're functioning this week, we do have hearts, brains and courage (although not an abundance of the last two) but no sparkly red shoes (most regrettable). Miss Marmoset has been up several nights in a row, Barbary Boy is school-shattered and can't wait for half term, lovely Kiwi and I are just trying to keep up with them.
So all this means that I haven't been able to get much done recently, I have several projects on the go and more in my head I'd love to get started on. However sleepiness and machine sewing just don't go together for me, nobody likes to spend that much time with a seam ripper. So this week there'll be gentler things on the go instead. I'll be trying to make jelly out of these handsome quinces and meditavely stitching some more hexes in front of the telly.
Yaaaawwwnnnn, thanks for reading,


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