A journey into delayed gratification

Chutney making that is, an eye-watering, house-honking journey at that. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE making chutney and I was delighted with the generous (gulp!) amount of damsons and tomatoes supplied by my Dad (hi Dad!) last weekend. Every September I get lost in that whole image of giving lovingly-prepared, hand-made gifts and winter evenings with cheese, biscuits and a dollop of lovely chutney to remind you that summer will return again, albeit probably briefly, at some point. However those cosy domestic images usually vanish at the same time that two pints of malt vinegar come to boil and have to simmer for 2-3 hours. Even Barbary Boy has been complaining about the lingering smell, which as the main supplier of lingering smells in this house, he's best placed to judge.
Chutney making is a leap of faith, what you're making smells terrible and when ready won't taste any good for at least six weeks, or three months in this Delia recipe's case. It's hard to keep the faith! Anyhow, that's one batch of damson chutney done, I will turn my attention to the tomatoes next, and then maybe some damson jelly. There are heaps of them left though, does anyone know if you can freeze damsons?
Thanks for reading,
Helen x


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