Off Down Under…

Not me, regrettably, but a quilt I have been making for a lovely new pink arrival in Melbourne. With my usual immaculate sense of timing I've managed to get this finished and sent right at the end of one of the coldest Aussie winters in ages and just in time for spring. I hope it fulfills the baby's Mum's usual style, very feminine but not too pink or fussy.
This quilt's been a bit of a learning curve. I've patchworked for years, but only traditional English paper-piecing and only started machine piecing this year after finally investing in a good sewing machine (a Janome DC3050). I'd never followed a pattern before or bought everything in advance. My paper-piecing stuff tends to be of the make-it-up-as-I-go variety. Which means that things look a bit more traditionally hotch-potch than some of the more modern style quilts I've been drooling over recently. It also means I have quite a few WIPs (to say nothing of a good number of WTF?s) stashed away in cupboards. I'm bitten by the machine-piecing bug though, the process of choosing exactly where to put all the blocks was great and very different to what I've done before. The yellow fabric is a shot cotton I picked off the remnant table of my local fabric shop, everything else is from Lila Tueller's Soirée collection for Moda. It's an easy pattern to follow and would make a great I Spy quilt for quilters with the patience to fussy cut their fabrics.
I bought the pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew (, I love this blog, and I want to make all the patterns listed here. Given that I seem to have a remarkably fecund'n'fertile bunch of friends'n'family, that may well happen!
Thanks for reading,
Helen x


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